Would You Like to Play Better Golf?? 

Why is the golf swing so inconsistent?   What can you do to fix it?   What is the secret?  

  • Amazingly, less than 1/10th of 1 percent of all male golfers will ever shoot a single par round of golf…(USGA statistics).  

  • When the thought "pops" in your mind - the conventional swing must work for someone, remember, the average score for all male golfers is a 97!!  For whom does it work?
  • Another tragedy is that fewer than 25% of all female golfers will shoot below 100!!
  • The average golf handicap has remained basically the same for at least 50 years!!
  • With improvements and technology advancements in almost every area…the golf ball, golf club design, golf instruction, better golf courses, more information, on and on, we’re no better off than 50 years ago!!  

         Are you tired of golf swing gurus, wacky golf methods, Internet hucksters and 
         $47.00 golf e-books written by a 12 handicapper claiming to have found the
         secret  to the golf swing? Tired of false promises, or the crazy notion golf pro's
         have a secret they are intentionally keeping from you? If so, read on...


The real secret behind the conventional 
golf swing is you can’t fix it!!


           For the average golfer, the conventional swing is fatally flawed. Have you ever

wondered, why, with the exception of the very top few – golf pro’s seem to come and

           go? They never own it. Just when you think a guy is a contender you never hear from

           him again for years or maybe ever. It’s simple, really – the conventional golf swing is

           incredibly difficult to consistently repeat, even for the top pro's. When given enormous

           practice time, the best golf teachers, the best golf equipment and the best golf course

            it’s still incredibly difficult.  Let's be real...what chance do you have?  


 I've developed a better golf method - unlike any other out there. It goes 
 against nearly every conventional notion but it will have you playing...

Better Golf…Guaranteed   


My name is Tom Sanders and I developed the BGG method.
I have traveled this country personally teaching this method to nearly 6,000 students. During one survey of 600 of my students, 581 stated they were very satisfied and playing better…that’s a success ratio of almost 97%!! See what else they had to say...





" I came to BGG last Fall as 100's shooter who could not get the ball airborne… I learned the drills, practiced, and yesterday shot an 87. What's better...I am improving steadily and having fun. Now, obviously this isn't tour type scoring but, then again a 15 stroke improvement is nothing to sneeze at either... I feel I have some low 80s rounds in me on the near horizon. It's just a matter of eliminating the blow-up holes (like the 2 triples I had yesterday). So, I honestly couldn't be happier with the progress I am seeing with BGG. Regards.”  

Jamie C.

  “Did the drills every day for a week, the whole time thinking this is not going to help, the club championship is fast approaching…. Anyway, I finished in 2nd place. Shot a 69 on day one and a 71 on day two. Our club gives out two trophies one for the overall champion and one for the handicap champion. I finished second in both. The drills work. I can hear Tom now - "do the drills Jim", so my advice - do the drills…Thanks a lot Tom.    Jim V.



How is the BGG method different than every other golf training aid, slice miracle
cure, how-to-break 80 manual, amazing e-tip and “secret” golf swing out there?

That’s easy…this works, because it’s not a band-aid for a conventional golf swing which, statistically speaking - can’t work for the average golfer.

It’ a simple plan for building a better golf swing. It boils down to three basic elements…



The conventional golf swing is far too complicated 
for the average golfer to ever master!!

If the conventional golf swing is fatally flawed, what is the primary downfall? The short story is, rotation. You wouldn’t hammer a nail by rotating the face of the hammer away from the nail and then try to hit it while rotating back, spinning your hips and moving your spine angle away from the ball. There’s just too much to go wrong. We’ve got a simpler way to address the golf ball, grip the golf club and make a simple swing...all with fewer moving parts.

Fewer moving parts means a simple golf swing!!!

You are simply not taught the right way!!

If you look at the way you are “taught” the golf swing and then compare to generally accepted teaching theory in almost any other discipline, you’ll immediately see a difference. We have a simple method for building a better golf swing. This one aspect of the BGG method clearly demonstrates why most of the e-books you’ll read can’t be worth a plugged nickel and why most conventional golf instruction just drives me bonkers...

It never works!! It can’t!!

You are not taught how to play golf!!

We are taught plenty about the golf swing, set-up, wrist cock, golf swing plane, the golf grip, how to hit certain golf shots, plenty about golf equipment and so on. Every nuance you can think of except, how to play the game. After a lesson most golfers are stuck thinking golf swing and playing poorly.  You are taught to play the golf swing, not golf!

I’ll teach you how to think golf and play Better Golf...Guaranteed!!


I’m not going to beat around the bush…I’ll get straight to it – We sell a DVD of our simple, effective teaching approach. I’m not offering gimmicks, an opt-in golf newsletter, a golf subscription, bogus extras or trinkets to make you think you’re getting a deal.

 We’re just offering a better golf swing. $59.00 gets you my golf school in a box.
This really works!!!  No monkey business!!!

  Follow along, do the drills – get better. It’s so simple!!

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Be a Better Ball-Striker And Consistently Score Lower, Don't Let This Opportunity Pass You By!

P.S. I'm a real Golf Professional. You're not just buying another golf DVD. You're getting the very method I teach…on a DVD. The BGG address is:

Better Golf…Guaranteed
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My office number is (800) 800-6116.

I have never seen a single student “run the offense” – following the teaching, doing the golf drills and implementing all three elements and not get dramatically better. It Works!! Every time!! “Run the offense” – you Guarantee yourself Better Golf.

Better Golf…Guaranteed.  


Tom Sanders