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Better Golf...Guaranteed!!!

7 minute DVD

     Are you tired of explaining the BGG swing to everyone?

     You can pass this DVD out to your friends & family 

     and let Tom explain the BGG swing to them! 

                                   FREE *  

                         Call 800-800-6116

  BGG DVD Package

       If you can't make it to our BGG golf school, this is the
       next best thing!  Tom will go over the four fundamental
       BGG drills that are the secret to his Learning Process,
       which has been proven successful by thousands of our
       BGG students.     $59.00


DVD of the Month

     Why spend big money on private lessons, when you
     can sign up for a 30 minute DVD lesson?  Imagine,
     a lesson sent right to your door every month!  Quality,
     convenience and yours to watch over and over.
               Price Per Month:  $10.95


                   Putting DVD

      Learn how to putt with Tom's secret Putting Drills!  
      They are so easy , you will wonder why you hadn't
      thought of them yourself!  These putting drills will  
      cut strokes off your game quickly!
                     Price:  $19.95


Short Game DVD

         Learn three different shots around the green that
         will cut strokes off your golf game.  Lower your golf
         scores with these specialty shots!

Price:  $19.95

             Playing Lesson Part 1
      Did you ever imagine going out on the golf course 
      and playing a round of golf with Tom?  He will help
      you make the best use of each and every shot.

Price:  $19.95




Playing Lesson Part 2

       Tom continues to teach you course management.
       He will help you with ball positioning, alignment, 

     and target orientation.

Price:  $19.95


           Building a Better Putter

      What are the qualities of a good putter?  Tom will go
      over the basics of a quality putter.  He will then show 
      you how the BGG putter is put together.

                                Price:  $19.95

           I have never seen a single student "run the offense" - follow the teaching, do the
          simple drills -  implementing all the elements and not get dramatically better. It Works!!
          Every time!! “Run the offense” – you will Guarantee yourself Better Golf.

Better Golf Guaranteed

          Thank you-
           Tom Sanders



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