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Better Golf Guaranteed...Woods & Irons

Product Features

  • Spine Alignment cuts shot dispersion as much as 50%
  • Clubs designed to fit the swing, the player and one another 
  • Each club is custom built to your specifications, never pre-built
  • Frequency &  Flex Matched graphite or steel shafts 
  • Meets all USGA regulations
  • Comprehensive 12-month warranty on materials & workmanship




The Deep Blue Driver

     We are confident you will enjoy more than just the 
     awesome distance of the Deep Blue Driver, but also it's 
     accuracy, forgiveness, trajectory, ball flight, sound and 
     feel.  The Deep Blue Driver comes in 10.5 deg. or 12 deg.

Titanium-Graphite Construction 385 cc

                              Price:  $349



 BGG Fairway Woods

     The BGG Fairway Woods are made from an ultra hard
     stainless steel making them very "hot" . They also have
     a low CG that aligns with the ball for superior ball flight.
     BGG Fairway woods come in 3w, 5w, 7w, and 9w


Price:  $199 each


BGG Irons

     The BGG Oversized Tour Irons are cast in a soft 304 

     stainless for a true upright lie and exceptional feel

     BGG Irons come in 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,P,A, S & L

Price:  $395 for 8 irons in steel


Price:  $495 for 8 irons in Graphite


Package of 8 BGG Grips

     Our bigger, non-tapered grips are designed to fit 

     better in the palm of your hand by using a larger diameter
     and easy-to-grip herringbone texture, the perfect 

     grip for Better Golf...Guaranteed


                            Price:  $39.95


Package of 15 BGG Grips

     For re-gripping your whole set of golf clubs, this package 
     of fifteen (for the price of twelve) is great!   Players have
     found our grips the solution for better scoring.

                                   Price:  $69.95


Full Set Special  3 woods & 8 irons 10% Discount


Clubs fitted to the swing, the player and each other for the 
ultimate in confidence - Give your swing a chance to meet a 
consistent standard!!


If you have any questions, you can e-mail  bettergolfguaranteed@comcast.net 



My office number is (800) 800-6116.

I have never seen a single student “run the offense” – following the teaching, doing the golf drills and implementing all three elements and not get dramatically better. It Works!! Every time!! “Run the offense” – you are guaranteeing yourself better golf.

Better Golf…Guaranteed.  


Tom Sanders



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